The Egyptian Lenormand


Nefer Khepri, PhD.

Schiffer Books, released March, 2015


Egyptian Lenormand collage photo by Bobbie Jo Drake

A European divination method re-imagined in the palette & imagery of ancient Egypt.

The Egyptian Lenormand goes beyond divination & fortunetelling & can be taken through an Activation Ceremony that awakens its full potential to be used as also a tool for healing and magical manifestation.

The Egyptian Lenormand is unique among Lenormand decks in this regard.


Author endorsements located on the exterior of the box ~

"Nefer Khepri's beautiful Lenormand deck opens the ancient doors to the riches of the Egyptian world. An authentic initiation for all who would pass into the temple of divination and learn from this truthful oracle."

~ Caitlín Matthews, author of The Enchanted Lenormand and The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook


"Bold, beautiful, and rich with sacred images, Nefer Khepri's renderings offer a unique interpretation of the Lenormand system. Utilizing traditional media and straightforward visual delivery, the creator has provided us with a warm and inviting way to explore and divine."

~ Lisa Hunt, Author & Artist of The Winged Enchantment Oracle, Ghost & Spirits Tarot, Fantastical Creatures Tarot, Fairy Tale Tarot, Celtic Dragon Tarot



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Self-published version released April 1, 2013 is sold out. Thank you!

The self-published edition was strictly limited to 100 signed & numbered copies. It sold out & I express my gratitude to every single person who purchased a copy.  I never did a second printing due to this deck being optioned by Schiffer Books.  I have redesigned five the cards for the Schiffer edition so the two versions of my deck will have some notable differences.  Redesigned cards are:

Desert Fox, Stars, Garden, Crossroads, & the extra card, Cat.  There is also another card not included in the self-published version, the Activation Card that is used for the Activation Ceremony. It has the same image on it as the card back.

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Thank you to my husband & daughter for their love & support, my wonderful community of friends on Facebook, & also to Schiffer Books for helping me to make "The Egyptian Lenormand" a reality.  I appreciate the support of the people who have been kind enough to like the deck's Facebook Page, & everyone else who along the way told me, "you can do this!"  Special love & gratitude goes out to the mighty goddess, Hathor, who guided my hand every time I stressed over having to draw an animal or person for this deck. 

This deck is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Valentina Olga Perez Gutierrez, who always told me I had talent.  She believed in me 100% & always told me I could achieve whatever I desired.  She saw this deck in a vision on her deathbed, 5 years before it was even a thought for me.  She described small, brightly colored cards of various Egyptian images & told me, "that will be your first publication."

Mom, as always, you were right!  This deck is for you.

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